PS GAMEGUARD is an anticheat system for online games like Mu Online, Cabal, Ran Online, Tantra Online and many other games.
Its operation is divided into 2 (two) parts, the Server that is located in your VPS/Dedicated and the Client that is located in your game.
The Server is responsible for several functions, such as information handling, reports of used cheats, auto blocking and unblocking, blocking new cheats in real time, analyzing connected players and many other functions.
The Client is responsible for protecting the game, sending and receiving information to the Server. Its protections work in two layers being them User Mode and Kernel Mode.
Server Features:
- Online player management with Real IP display and Proxy usage.
- Disconnect all connected players whenever you want.
- Block any HWID with dynamic time (Minutes, Hours, Days, Months) automatically if it reaches X detections or manually.
- List of HWIDS with option to search by HWID, IP or Character in real time, includes options above.
- Auto unlock if activated and when the lock period is reached.
- List of detections with the option of adding some detection as an exception.
- IP blocking.
- HASH blocking with the possibility of manual blocking or through the display of processes in real time.
- Blocking of Modules (DLLS).
- IP release (In case of maintenance mode activated, it only accesses the server if its IP is released).
- Screenshot display when loading the game.
- Get a screenshot of the screen whenever you want.
- Block and disconnect a player if necessary with the option to add the reason.
- Disconnect a specific player whenever you want.
- Display of accounts and characters related to HWID whose IP is the same connected in the game (MuOnline).
- IP connection history.
- History of used cheats containing the name, date and time and the screenshot of the detection.
- List the running processes containing (Patch, Data, Digital Signature) and block or add the exception.
- List the modules (DLL) loaded in the game containing (Patch, Data, Digital Signature) and block or add the exception.
- Control of connections where if activated the system drops any connection to the game that is not connected to the system (Windows Servers only, Linux does not work).
- Configuration of auto lock and unlock with dynamic duration and attempts for the lock / unlock to be applied.
- License MD5 lock preventing access to the server using modified license.
- Maintenance mode, if activated, only connect the released IPS to the server.
- IP update on the license, change VPS / Dedicated whenever you want easily.
- Multi language system (Portuguese, English and Spanish).
Customer protections and Others:
- Protection via Driver * .SYS (If the computer loads the driver, or if forced use is enabled).
- Memory protection (Detecting and cutting access to game memory).
- Global protection (Based on DUMP global detection list).
- HASH protection (Easily block any cheat you need).
- Inject protection (Automatic and manual blocking of undesirable .DLLS).
- Graphic speed protection.
- Macro protection (Softwares).
- Routine protection (Prevents suspend and kill).
Client settings:
- Protect items from modification.
- Protect items against theft with your own encryption.
- Load any .dll easily.
- List of DLLS loaded by the game making it difficult to inject malicious DLLS.
- Limit the amount of games.
- Block the direct opening of your game with automatic launcher execution.
- Auto click (Left and right), Minimizer (For games that have window mode).
- Block modification of the system executable or DLL.
- Open the game as the system (PS) loads or wait for loading with automatic game opening.
- View privacy terms (LGPD).
- Force use of driver protection, your security will be much greater but only updated computers carry a driver.
- Global protection, where all detected threats are notified on the server.
- Graphic speed protection.
- Windows test mode protection.
- Allow execution of multiple servers using PS.
- Close the game when something is detected.
- Close the detected process.
- Send detection notification to the server.
- Disable driver protection (Certain games will not work if the driver is loaded).
- Disable macro protection.
- Disable passive anti-inject protection (Certain games will not work if the driver is loaded).
important informations:
- The system is multilingual: Portuguese, English and Spanish.
- Installation term: From 1 hour to 1 working day after payment.
- Refund: Payments are non-refundable.
- Updates: The contractor is notified via the email registered at the time of purchase.
- Reinstallation: It costs R $ 50.00 reais.
- IP exchange: Free.
- Requirement: Microsoft SQL Server or MYSQL database.
NOTE: By purchasing this product, you agree that payments are non-refundable.

Friday, February 19, 2021

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